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Bridge cultural differences and maximise your international presence.

Growing geographically is rewarding but comes with difficulties: the business culture of every country is unique and the ability to understand it and navigate these nuances, while possible, is time consuming and challenging. Businesses that get this right will thrive, those that do not, often find their investment wasted.

Other countries often have different ways of doing things, but you can still translate your sales, social and stylistic strategies into global success. You just need the right partner to help guide you with precision. 

NFP’s international expertise lives in the details. Our global business culture consulting service ensures that your teams understand how to effectively communicate and operate in business cultures outside of your home country. We ensure that you give your people every opportunity to make a success of the investment overseas; whether by making sure internal teams are structured correctly and have the right communication strategy or by ensuring that your sales teams are trained to maximise the effectiveness of their sales pitches in new markets.


NFP can help you:

  • Improve cross-border effectiveness and efficiencies with the skills and knowledge to help your teams work together more effectively.
  • Train executives and managers to make informed decisions and better manage a multicultural, global workforce.
  • Expand your culture of success worldwide while simultaneously adapting that culture to your organisation’s new international landscape.

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