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What is commercial combined insurance?

Rather than buying multiple, separate insurance solutions to protect your business, a commercial combined policy includes a number of ‘bread and butter’ types of business cover that can protect you against a wide range of common risks. Every commercial combined insurance package is built with you, the client, in mind to match your exact business requirements.

The cover in a commercial combined insurance policy can include (but isn’t limited to):

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance

This offers protection from loss and damage or illness caused by your goods.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Provide personal cover for legal costs from claims brought against you by members of the public.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance

This insures you for money loss, when you miss out on your income as you are forced to close your business.

Why choose a commercial combined insurance policy?

Managing multiple separate insurance policies can not only make your life more difficult, but it can also be time consuming. With a commercial combined insurance policy, you get from a wide range of covers all within one policy, reducing the time and hassle involved with getting insurance.

  • Peace of mind that your business has its fundamental needs covered
  • Eliminates the need to spend time shopping around for individual insurance policies
  • Keeps all of your foundational cover in one place, reducing time and effort needed on admin and policy management

We see ourselves more as your business partner, rather than just an insurance broker

We know that getting good advice is about far more than supplying quotes and managing renewals. At NFP, we look to understand your business and your goals, uncover your risks, and solve your problems as a trusted partner, rather than just place products with you. As your insurance partner, our goal is to ensure...

Your insurance programme is suitable for you

There are no gaps in your cover

You are paying the right level cover

You get the support you need, should a claim occur

Who can we support with commercial combined insurance?

Whether you have one or one thousand employees, we can help you find commercial combined insurance cover that best aligns with your business’ needs.

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When you’re an SME, you want the focus to be on growing your business. However necessary they may be, you don’t want a lot of your time to be taken up by sourcing and managing lots of individual insurance policies. Our team will give you peace of mind by sourcing the commercial combined cover that is right for you, whilst conveniently grouping all your foundational business insurance in one place.

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Large corporations

At NFP, we know the risks posed to a larger organisation if they’re not covered by business insurance that is comprehensive enough. Our specialist team will make sure they fully understand your business and its needs, to source the commercial combined cover that will help to protect you from the wide range of commercial risks you may face.

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