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A commercial buildings and contents insurance partner you can trust

We’re extremely well-equipped to source the level of cover that aligns with your needs. Our expertise and access to top insurers makes us a partner that you can trust to find the best solutions for you and your business.

Listen to your needs

We will take the time to listen to and understand your needs, no matter how routine or complex, and help to deliver cover that aligns best with what you’re looking for.


Understand your goals

Our specialist commercial buildings and contents professionals will work with you to understand your goals and scope out your whole operation, to anticipate, mitigate and minimise any risks. 

Create better outcomes

We’ll undertake a full no-obligation health-check of your business, to ensure we get you the best possible cover, best possible premiums and most comprehensive protection for your commercial property. 


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What is buildings and contents insurance?

Simply put, buildings and contents insurance protects your company property from damage or loss that is either accidental or that you are altogether not responsible for.

At NFP, we strive to understand the individual needs of our clients to source an insurance policy that works for them and their business. From extreme weather to criminal damage, we want to make sure that you’re both prepared and protected, should the unexpected happen.

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Why is buildings and contents insurance so important?

Whether it’s the outside of your premises, contents within your premises or product stock, significant loss or damage to any of these could severely affect, or even halt, your ability to trade as normal.

It’s bad enough when your property is lost or damaged because of something completely out of your control, but its even worse when this affects your business as a whole, especially if you don’t have a partner like NFP to help make the process of getting back on your feet much more seamless.

We can source building and contents solutions to protect you against:

  • Loss of income due to trade being affected or halted
  • Loss or damage of stock
  • Any replacements or repairs that need to be made

Who do we support with commercial buildings and contents insurance?

Whether you’re a small partnership or a global organisation, your commercial property is important and worth protecting from the unexpected. That’s why we proudly support businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to help protect them in the event of accidental or unforeseen property damage.

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You may not be a global entity, but that does not mean that you are too small to need cover. While holistic protection may just be viewed as an extra expenditure, we understand how harmful an unforeseen disaster can be to the future of an SME. A partner like NFP will make getting back on your feet after a setback much less of a strain on you and your business, both logistically and financially.

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Large corporations

Naturally, the bigger your business and the wider it reaches, the greater the likelihood that your premises or stock could be lost or damaged by something out of your control. Commercial buildings and contents insurance is a therefore a must-have for larger corporations, to help to minimise and mitigate the financial consequences, should the worst happen.

What risks can we help insure you against?

Our building, contents and damage experts can source cover that can protect your business’ property from a range of eventualities, including:


Storm, flood or subsidence

Water leaks

Accidental damage

Theft or attempted theft

Riots and criminal damage

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Frequently asked questions about buildings and contents insurance

This should be checked with your landlord, as some landlords like to arrange insurance for the building, as well as core contents such as fixtures and fittings. This may not always be the case, however, and wouldn’t usually protect your contents and stock as the tenant. If this is cover that you specifically need, we as your partner will be able to help you find a building, contents and damage policy that will best align with these requirements.

Even in recent years, we have seen an increase in weather extremes in Ireland. In 2022, we saw one of the worst storms in decades, Storm Eunice, which was the eighth most disruptive storm to Ireland's electricity network. Therefore, not protecting your premises and contents against extreme weather could become riskier as time goes on.

While this may not be included in a standard plan, as your broker, NFP will take the time understand any extra coverage that your business may need such as this. We can then support you to find a policy that will truly meet all of your requirements, from the standard to the more niche and complex.

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