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Human Resources

Menopause in the workplace

Menopausal women are the fastest-growing demographic of workers in the country. Jo Bristow, People Development Manager, asks why businesses aren’t stepping up to tackle an issue which not only affects the livelihood of female workers, but also has a huge commercial impact on talent management.

The value of family-forming benefits for businesses

Nearly a third of Irish parents said difficulty arranging childcare had made them turn down or leave a job. Family-forming benefits focus on showing your people that the choice doesn’t have to be starting a family OR progressing their career – they can do both.

It's World Wellbeing Week 2023

NFP have put together series of useful videos throughout the week, followed by a webinar designed by our experts to improve and maintain your peoples wellbeing - in all aspects - both in and out of work.

Why it is important to talk about mental health at work

Many people struggle with mental health issues at work, due to things such as anxiety, depression, burnout, or stress. Not only can these issues have a negative impact on performance, productivity, motivation, and morale, they can also affect physical health, relationships and overall quality of life.

Softening the blow of redundancy: tips for companies and those being let go

An insight into some of our top tips for both people and businesses to help make navigating the redundancy 'storm' as easy and stress-free as it can be.

What to do about diversity and inclusion in 2022 to create a successful future workplace

Business leaders need to recognise that diversity and inclusivity will be integral to their future success and go beyond surface-level tokenistic policies.