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Employee Benefits

Navigating the biggest ever era of structural reform for Irish pensions

Ireland is heading into a period that could see the biggest ever era of structural reform for the pensions system, and the introduction of auto-enrolment here will play a central part in all future employee benefits packages. 

5 tips to create an employee benefits brand

Your benefits brand should go hand in hand with your workplace identity to help your benefits seem like something your employees can relate to...

Five ways that reward can motivate employees to stay with an organisation

With the market becoming more competitive, establishing a progressive culture and strengthening an employer brand is vital to attracting and retaining talent.

Five steps to effective benefits engagement

It’s vital to have a robust benefits engagement strategy that will help your people understand their benefits, and link them to feeling valued. 

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause in the workplace

With menopausal women making up the fastest-growing demographic of the working population, isn't it about time that organisations did more to support them? 

Reviewing Your Employee Benefits: Why Preparation is Key

Whether your employee benefit renewals all fall at the same time, or are distributed throughout the year, being prepared well ahead of time will give you the opportunity to maximise your benefits offering with the resources that your business has available.

Helping you answer those common questions about Private Medical Insurance

Many questions can arise from PMI, and employers may not be sure how to answer them. Working with the right partner can help you answer those common questions about PMI and help you discover the true value of a policy.